Infotech Consulting Services | The Data Center of 2016 will do these three things!
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The Data Center of 2016 will do these three things!

The Data Center has always felt the full force of disruptive technologies. From the mainframe generation to the client/ server age to the virtualization era it has seen remarkable transformation in just the last thirty years. The change of pace in the cloud era has been especially remarkable for how quickly Data Center fundamentals are changing. Keeping this in mind we have come up with a list of competencies that the Data Center of 2016 will be capable of doing. If you want to run a cutting edge Data Center fully current with next generation technologies that have just hit mainstream you’ll want to read on.

  1. It won’t have a traditional scale up storage system: Why? Because traditional scale up storage programs are the enemy of scalability. The Data Center of 2016 will be able to seamlessly scale up.But all my servers are virtualized you cry. That’s a good start on the efficiency ladder. But while you are provisioning a Virtual Machine in a matter of minutes, deploying related storage often took over a week. Storage controllers needed for storage operations had to be painfully configured. The Data Center of 2016 has distributed storage. It manages this by combining storage and computing into single 100% software defined building block that is distributed by nature and centrally managed. No more delay in storage provisioning. No more points of failure that take down storage.
  2. Extreme resilience: Application level resilience even if the application stack is divided between geographies, between private and public cloud and if failure occurs at the node, rack or even Data Center level. Backup data is deduplicated and compressed before transport enabling the best cost and speed efficiencies
  3. Ease of management: Standard tasks are scripted allowing your resources to spend time on supporting the business as opposed to keeping the lights on. Robust real time analytics across the Virtual Machine and Storage lifecycle of deploying, provisioning and scaling to security and diagnostics allow you to manage a lot more with a lot fewer resources.

With Hybrid cloud as the new default medium of IT operations and operational efficiencies at the heart of the CIO’s mantra of “Do more with less” the Data Center of 2016 uses hyper convergence for extreme efficiencies. One 2U rack appliance with a new type of tightly integrated IT architecture boasting software defined compute and storage resources that use a single management platform for running your virtualized workloads is now possible. It is what the Data Center of 2016 will run on.

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