Infotech Consulting Services | Tanzania’s Registration, Insolvency and Trusteeship Agency (RITA) steps into the digital age with InfoTech’s flagship GeReg® platform
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Tanzania’s Registration, Insolvency and Trusteeship Agency (RITA) steps into the digital age with InfoTech’s flagship GeReg® platform

InfoTech recently went live with its World Bank funded project to implement its product GeReg ® – a one stop shop e-government service – at the Registration, Insolvency and Trusteeship Agency (RITA) in Tanzania.


RITA is responsible for registration of information on key events, incorporation of trustees, and safeguarding properties under trust, of deceased persons, insolvents, and minors in Tanzania, a nation of over 55 million people. However, l ack of communication facilities and travel in Tanzania, especially in rural areas, RITA caused to have a significant backlog of unregistered births. Failure to achieve its original goal set out in 2010 under the 5th Birth Registration Initiative to register as soon as possible in time and location to where they occur, led to RITA pursuing an automated solution.


After a rigorous, competitive bidding process, InfoTech won the project versus several international competitors for this World Bank funded project. InfoTech solution was built on its smart government product GeReg® for effective administration of entities in the registration of births / deaths, marriages, administration of estates and public trust. It will be at the heart of the newfound operational speed by RITA, a powering agency that provides friendly services and provides accurate data for national planning and economic development.


GeReg® sets a benchmark for smart citizen services in Africa. It has revolutionized the birth and death registration process in Tanzania and facilitated registration in rural areas by providing access to any Internet enabled device thus transforming user experience. Additionally, the upgraded infrastructure supports and supports the birth and death registration, meaning that RITA gets the best value for its investment.InfoTech experts also provided trainings and capacity building to ensure that the transition from the legacy system to GeReg® was seamless and efficient.


RITA now fulfills its original mission of providing an essential public service in an efficient and customer friendly manner. GeReg® not only brings critical automation but it also provides insights to all stakeholders.

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