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T360 is a unique, revolutionary, agile, cloud ready and powerful application for automating the processing and managing of taxes and taxpayer data. Tax and Revenue authorities worldwide are working off cumbersome legacy based systems that allow for poor visibility into tax trends and data, inflexible, hard to use, locked in workflows that make the process of paying taxes complex and bothersome for the taxpayer. They keep potential taxpayers in undeveloped areas out of the tax generation ecosystem, allow for tax revenue leakage via fraud and are generally unfriendly to use.


T360 built on Service Oriented Architecture with a flexible, lightning quick in bound memory database at its core is a highly configurable, platform agnostic, easy to deploy solution for Tax and Revenue authorities that automates the following:

 Taxpayer registration

 Returns processing

 Payment processing

 Accounting

 Collections

 Reporting

 Taxpayer correspondence

 Workflow management


T360 is a fully integrated, end-to-end solution for managing the entire tax payment lifecycle. Its powerful multi level analytics allow for tax and revenue authorities to grow revenue while its ease of use allows for compliance with tax laws for tax payer in a self service manner. Smart government initiatives are centered on the friendly, interactive, capable and comprehensive delivery of key government citizen services. T360 translates this vision into reality.