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Oracle practice


InfoTech maintains an elite Platinum membership status with Oracle. This means certainty that highly certified experienced resources will deliver value-adding solutions to your business. Automate, innovate and have a quicker go to market via cloud or on-premise, with our experienced consultants implementing industry leading technologies personalized for your business and enterprise technology environment. We have deep experience of the following Oracle Solutions:


  • Oracle Utilities: InfoTech has one of the most experienced Oracle Utilities applications team in emerging markets that has implemented projects across Asia, Africa and Europe. We combine this deep experience with our own utilities middleware and integration team, our own express implementation methodology and our work in digitization to transform the entire utility value chain for our clients. We not only re-engineer processes strategically and automate them efficiently for operational excellence; we integrate asset, meter, network and customer operations seamlessly. We enable compliance in even the most demanding regulatory scenarios. We do all this while maximizing your existing investments on one hand while enabling your digital roadmap on the other. Delight your electricity, gas and water customers by providing safe and reliable services and become future proof by utilizing the world class capabilities of InfoTech’s Utilities team.
  • Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning: An Oracle ERP implementation will transform your business and achieve significant bottom line savings. Daily business activities, such as accounting, procurement, project management and manufacturing are automated and their workflows streamlined according to global and industry best practices. Whether your organization is small, medium, or large in size you can manage the complexities of doing business in the digital and global age with the peace of mind that the applications are getting continuously enhanced extending the value of your investment.
  • Oracle Human Capital Management: In the digital age the role of HR is changing and becoming even more critical. Increasingly companies are realizing that digital transformation is needed for them to survive and deliver shareholder value. And while digital alludes to technologies, transformation is all culture. Without automated insightful HR, digital transformation is impossible. With Oracle HCM you can automate the key HR lifecycles from recruit to onboard, benefits to payment, goal setting to performance, talent review to succession, and employee insight to workforce analysis all the while getting the insights to make digital transformation a reality.
  • Oracle Supply Chain Management: Companies who have automated their supply chains successfully outperform their peers. Managing the flow and getting real time analytics of goods, data, and finances as your products and service move from origin to destination is essential to competing in the digital age. Getting real time analytics for this flow and for all parties involved like suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, transportation providers, logistics providers, and retailers etc. allows for visibility and agility that has clear immediate benefits. Operational costs are lower because of efficiencies and lowering of manual errors, which typically happen as parties do hand over at key supply chain points. A fully demand driven, cloud enabled supply chain adapting in real time to market realities helps you win. We build this for you.
  • Oracle Hyperion: Behind achieving the next stage of growth and value creation stands the ability to look at timely, accurate financial data that gives powerful actionable insights allowing for optimal operations, reliable forecasting, and powerful reporting. For over twenty five years the Hyperion name is synonymous with reliability and excellence in financial management and business intelligence. Our Hyperion capabilities allow us to enable dramatically fast Financial Close and Consolidation. You get the best insights and information immediately allowing you to manage the Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting process in an agile and accurate manner. Meet stringent Compliance requirements with reduced costs. Robust Profitability and Cost Management reporting allows for the right view of the business at the right time to inform your business decisions while powerful Data Analytics allow you to view pre-defined and user generated management dashboards and make better decisions faster.
  • Oracle Enterprise Asset Management: An integrated asset management strategy means significant increases in asset performance over asset lifetime and decreased costs over the asset lifecycle. Effective asset planning, scheduling, maintenance, operations, performance monitoring, acquisition and disposal, must link with financial management in the areas of funding of assets, and accounting for and disclosing of assets, and must have an Internet of Things strategy to be truly effective. We enable this integrated asset management strategy personalized to meeting your business and strategic objectives. You get a single asset repository for visibility, tracking and control, which can be managed from any device anywhere at anytime. Maintenance strategies for all asset classes are automated using condition based or preventative strategies. Talk to InfoTech for comprehensive planning, tracking and execution to support optimal asset monitoring and performance.