Infotech Consulting Services | Master Data Management
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Master Data Management



Data is at the foundation of modern digital organizations. Insights from data can enable all business objectives from customer acquisition and retention to new opportunities & threats to complete organizational transformation. But Data is scattered around the enterprise making a complete and accurate view extremely challenging. Transactional data is separate from operational data. Geographic, functional and product data create further boundaries making a single view impossible. Add to that the inherent challenges of disconnected data from duplication to de-synchronization to cleanliness, and unstructured data can derail all decision making and analytics initiatives.


InfoTech has specific expertise in Master Data Management (MDM) allowing us to tailor an MDM solution to your enterprise by profiling, consolidating and governing data and then sharing and leveraging it strategically. All your operational and analytical applications work with clean master data allowing for simultaneous best in class operational and analytical capability for your organization.