Infotech Consulting Services | InfoTech’s Capizar® Suite of Trading Platform Goes Live at Zimbabwe Stock Exchange
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InfoTech’s Capizar® Suite of Trading Platform Goes Live at Zimbabwe Stock Exchange

Zimbabwe Stock Exchange (ZSE) just went live with InfoTech industry leading Capital Markets product for the market operator Capizar® ATS. Capizar ATS is part of a comprehensive Capital Markets suite that includes products for Market Operators, Regulators, Brokerage firms, and Clearing & Settlement companies.

The agreement for a turnkey deployment of Automated Trading with the ZSE was signed back in 2014. The agreement ensured international best practices and standards of operation were to be delivered and implemented at the ZSE allowing it to set regional standards of efficiency, transparency, fairness and cost effectiveness.

The new trading platform ushers in a new era for Zimbabwe’s capital markets, replacing the previously used manual trading system where ZSE carried out a large number of tasks using excel and other basic packages. This historical transformation is expected to influence a rise in aggregate turnover as well as volumes traded. International markets all over the world reacted positively to the development, immediately leading to increased average daily turnover levels.

*Capizar® ATS is a comprehensive trading platform that includes core-matching engine, integrated risk management and corporate announcement module, which have made it the choice of emerging markets to boost their business volume. It provides industry standard leading price/value performance to their market participants and drive rapidly for liquidity and profitability. Its sophisticated architecture enables the system to support thousands of users with response time in microseconds. It is a platform-independent, robust order-matching engine that provides extensive control over the order traffic and risk management in a pre-emptive manner. To find out more about Capizar® ATS, or to schedule a demo, write to

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