Infotech Consulting Services | InfoTech (Pvt) Ltd implements an end-to- end integration at Liberty Securities Limited (LSL)
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InfoTech (Pvt) Ltd implements an end-to- end integration at Liberty Securities Limited (LSL)

Liberty Securities Limited (LSL), a subsidiary of Liberty Capital Ghana Limited, was established in 2008 to provide Stock Broker/Dealer Services. LSL was running its operations conventionally on a host of different systems that resulted in weak visibility, and entailed a higher maintenance cost and applied resources.


Keeping in view the imminent challenges and strategic objectives, LSL took the initiative to improve its services with first-class technology support and made alliance with InfoTech as a technology vendor. InfoTech, based on its vast experience in the Ghana Capital markets, implemented a one stop cloud based solution, Marlin, to automate end-to- end business processes of the brokerage firms.


Marlin enabled several benefits to LSL upon completion of implementation in four key domains:


  1. Order Management: State of the art real-time facility which will offer LSL with a feature-rich customizable front-end and a robust exposure/risk management system covering Order processing, Dissemination control, instant reporting, Application monitoring control, trading workstation, integrated risk management control and industry standard security features.


  2. Mobile Trading Platform: Marlin is bundled with a comprehensive mobile trading application that enables the traders to remain sync with the market all the time.


  3. Back Office Components: By the virtue of the superlative design, the system not only offers complete coverage of business processes, it also enhances visibility across all business components including Trading & Settlement, Vault Management, in-built industry standard financial system, Risk Management System supplemented by Regulatory Compliance Framework and workflows with authority management.


  5. Market Research & Analysis Portal: Marlin is highly flexible to customize as per dynamic needs of LSL. Moreover, the portal contains various segments for public and private information, such as Fundamental Analysis, News & Announcements, Market Statistics & Overview, Market Commentary, Market Calendar, Sector & Industrial Statistics, Indices and access to up to date Quotes & Research along with Strongest Performing Stocks and Stock Comparison Tool etc.

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