Infotech Consulting Services | Governance, Risk and Compliance
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Governance, Risk and Compliance



Managing risks has never been more critical for companies. Continuing global uncertainties compound with regional shocks regularly and affect every large company in emerging markets. Currency, raw material volatility and political shocks as well as increased regulation all make this an age where companies without a viable risk strategy will simply be left behind. In this age executives that decide company strategy, legal, financial and information technology executives all require risk, governance and compliance metrics to do their jobs well.


Effective Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) management is quantifiable and measurable. InfoTech ensures a Governance, Risk and Compliance solution implementation with robust built in process and content management tools that standardizes metrics and measurement for your organization’s operational risk. It is a Governance, Risk and Compliance approach that works both ways. On one end the analytics provided via executive dashboards allow you to analyze risk and take informed decisions to neutralize them. On the other hand perform powerful root cause analysis to determine causes of identified risks enabling accountability and inherently better process evolution. InfoTech has performed some of the most complex GRC implementations in emerging markets allowing us to partner with you for your GRC needs from strategy to implementation.