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GeReg the only commercially available ready to deploy solution of its kind, simplifies the launching of citizen and government services, dramatically improving time to market and forms the heart of government clouds, smart government and smart city initiatives.


GeReg is run by powerful workflow engine and has integrated workflow architecture. This combined with industry standard interfaces for integration with other public systems, allows for adding customized services quickly despite complex departmental and ministerial processes. GeReg ships with built in templates for registration and management. Multi location capability with each instance localized means users and administrators can login from anywhere and the solution can fit a multivariate geographical footprint.


Governments can use GeReg to launch any services. Use cases include but are not restricted to:

  • Any registration, student, vehicle, marriage, employee, patient etc.
  • Taxes, excise, toll collection
  • ¬†And Government to Citizen (G2C) service via customization from InfoTech Consulting Services


Now in its third generation GeReg has industry leading stability and uptime, and can manage millions of daily transactions. A GUI based dashboard makes it extremely easy to use and maintain.


Economic growth in the coming decades will be led by smarter governments with an ecosystem of smart, friendly, always available, accessible citizen services. A GeReg based smart government solution is at the core of making this vision a reality.