Infotech Consulting Services | Customer Care and Billing
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Customer Care and Billing



Large customer facing organizations need to manage billing, connections and services options and data with millions of permutations. Whether you have industrial, residential or commercial customers managing customer and service data well results in superior customer service and provides you with actionable insights for maximizing revenue and responding to customer needs. But no implementation is similar as each service provider or utility has vastly localized scenarios.


InfoTech helps organizations define a Customer Care and Billing architecture based on existing operational processes and scenarios around payment collections and processing, meter management and cash cycles. We then ensure the solution is scalable, compliant, cost effective and is integrated into the enterprise analytics setup. This allows you to quickly see if revenue is going up or down, if you’re losing or gaining customers, customer complaint patterns, payment timeliness etc.


With several Customer Care and Billing implementations in organizations with tens of millions of customers InfoTech has the experience, expertise and integration capability to suggest the best Customer Care & Billing solution for your organization.