Infotech Consulting Services | SAPT enters the era of smarter commerce with an EDI solution deployed by InfoTech
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SAPT enters the era of smarter commerce with an EDI solution deployed by InfoTech

South Asia Pakistan Terminals (SAPT) is part of the USD 54 B CK Hutchison holdings group. As a 85,000 square meter port operator with the best situated access to Karachi it is also a strategically key part of Pakistan’s economy.

SAPT has a supply chain and partner ecosystem that stretches from government entities, corporate entities, suppliers, vendors and customers. Exchanging of documents using a home grown solution and manual interaction was starting to become a bottleneck as business rapidly grew with customers increasingly using SAPT’s advanced port operation infrastructure.  What further complicated the problem was that everyone communicating with SAPT via documents had their own different heterogeneous IT systems. As a service provider focused on delighting its customers SAPT decided to invest in an enterprise grade IT solution to solve this.

InfoTech consultants won the right to implement the project based on their powerful solution using IBM EDI applications ecosystem including IBM Integration Bus a market leading product based on Enterprise Service BUS (ESB).

EDI solutions can be tricky because they involve process integration and deep technology expertise. The EDI solution had to talk to disparate systems communicating in various ways as well its own application layer including an ERP.

With InfoTech’s decades of experience in process automation, application delivery, middleware expertise and enterprise solution talent we were able to implement a standardized layer that automated message conversion processes while seamlessly integrating with existing IT investments and processes.

Message conversion time the key metric for judging solution success has gone down from hours to minutes allowing SAPT To operate in near real time.  The system is automatically translating messages from different systems of key partners like shipping lines, banks and Pakistan Customs and translating them and sending them to its own ERP and relevant systems.

With complexity and manual transactions out of the way operating expense for this activity is greatly reduced and the IT team has hours back in the day it can spend on innovation.

With built in Business Transaction Monitoring capability this solution is future proof and will be the platform for further technology and business deliverables around analytics for decision making, cloud and mobility. SAPT now has a powerful but easy to manage system that is highly scalable and adds direct demonstrated value to business.