Infotech Consulting Services | FESCO continues to be a technology leader among energy companies in Pakistan with its move into Cloud Services
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FESCO continues to be a technology leader among energy companies in Pakistan with its move into Cloud Services

Faisalabad Electric Supply Corporation (FESCO) is one of the oldest electric distribution companies in Punjab, distributing and supplying electricity to 3.5 million customers. With lowest line losses and highest bill collection rates it is one of the most efficient electricity distribution companies in Pakistan. FESCO is aggressively investing in modernization. As well as upgrading its 40 grid stations it is also launching 6 brand new ones to serve customers better.

FESCO users were using myriad messaging solutions. Some were legacy based. Others were third party that the IT department had little visibility over. Aside from data leakage issues this raised, the IT department was also concerned with associated security risks. Management also felt that calendaring, email and unified communications were ad hoc and opportunistic and was unsure how much they were aiding the workforce and wanted to transition these activities to the cloud.

InfoTech was one of many bidders but we made the approach not from simply giving a solution, but understanding that what really mattered to FESCO was productivity at a great value point with no administration headaches. So we went with the E1 Enterprise plan of Microsoft Office 365. Not only did it seamlessly address calendaring and email issues and took care of associated storage needs, it gave FESCO incredible tools to become productive. The E1 plan includes Skype for chat, online meetings and video conferencing and there’s a powerful corporate social network for collaboration called Yammer.

There is immense ease of use and everything just works. FESCO employees simply sign and have instant access to all Microsoft Office apps fully updated, access to their email and tools to collaborate and become productive immediately. The IT department makes no support calls on these activities as Microsoft manages all. A 99.9% SLA ensures constant uptime. Administration is simple, intelligent and easy and can be done from anywhere at anytime using the admin dashboard. The IT department and FESCO users are both satisfied and can focus on adding business value.

InfoTech had been partner of the year two years running with Microsoft and boasted some of the best Microsoft expertise in the country as well as certified cloud resources. InfoTech also understood the Utilities and Energy industry deeply. This combination of technical and industry expertise along with a focus on understanding the human dimension of the technology issue around productivity allowed InfoTech to gain the right mindshare with FESCO and get selected.