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Capizar® is an award winning suite of products specifically designed by keeping in view the modern challenges and strategic objectives for emerging markets. Supported by seasoned Capital Markets business and technology staff members with more than a decade contribution to Capital Markets, Capizar® is a blend of the proven industry experience, solid technical background and state of the art implementation, serving end to end requirements of the clients.



Market operator: Our Automated Trading System (ATS) powered by our industry leading, extreme performance and highly efficient traffic routing engine offers multi instrument, multi exchange and multi market support. Extremely low latency allows for transactions at blinding speeds. Pre-trade risk management allows for safe trading within compliance parameters.


Capizar has a Book Building System (BBS) module that is an Internet enabled system for the use case of thousands of users participating simultaneously in price discovery, as may be the case in registration of issues and IPO. It registers institutional investors and facilitates them by publishing electronic prospectus and other documents to registered investors.


The IPO Engine (IPOE) is web enabled software that completely automates the Initial Public Offering process and integrates it with relevant capital markets stakeholders. It allows for registration of parties,, scheduling of multiple IPO issues in advance, and allows for multiple policies of issue allocation.


Regulator: Our Market Surveillance System (MSS) is a real time surveillance engine that stops marketing manipulation. An unlimited number of alerts can be customized using a robust intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) giving MSS extreme flexibility to fit any scenario. Built in case management tool automatically takes over when an anomaly is detected. MSS allows both regulators and compliance departments inside exchanges to enforce compliance without compromising market activity.


The Regulatory Compliance Portal (RCP) allows for system and discipline complaint management, application and renewal of licensing for market stakeholders, returns filing capability for banks, insurance companies etc., and a powerful reporting system that enables online registration and returns filing for all market stakeholders with built in enterprise grade analytics. It’s a unique product, which does regulatory gap analysis by bench marking against best practices, or by specified benchmarks.


Clearing/ Settlement/ Depository companies: Our Electronic Depository System (EDS) manages the record of issued securities in a fully  utomated manner. It guarantees the safety of transactions and securities, eliminates the need to print physical shares and creates an integrated database of shareholders’ accounts and all registered securities.


Our Clearing & Settlement System (CSS) allows clearing companies and clearing departments of exchanges to transact securities settlement for multiple instruments. Shorter predictive settlement cycles combined with efficient and fast trade processing make CSS a powerful product for creating high operational efficiency levels.


Brokerage firms: Our Order Management System (OMS) is a flexible scalable system that offers complete real time Internet trading capability to brokerage firms. OMS can manage all trading instruments and interfaces with multiple external entities like exchanges and data vendors. Real time order and trade confirmations as well as pending order and trade reports, fully archived historical data with analytics capability online order placement for all types of orders make this a powerful future proof product. A feature rich dashboard with real time market watch, waterfall ticker, exchange stats and Market summary windows allows for greater productivity.


Our Brokerage Back Office (BBO) is a complete broker back office system that fully automates the order to settlements process. Based on international best practices a BBO implementation catapults a brokerage firm’s internal processes to best in class allowing for tremendous productivity gains.


PTRS or the Post Trade Reporting System alleviates an often seen pain point brokers face of reconciling their trade positions and retrieving related historical information, and generate analysis and reports related to post trade data. Industry standard post trade practices are incorporated in PTRS allowing for trade data monitoring, reporting, risk control and compliance of the highest level. In actual use market players using PTRS have made a definitive impact on optimizing trading strategies for clear net gains.


All modules are built with high transaction levels in mind and boast extremely high performance. Security is baked in at every layer both from external threats and internal via hierarchical access management. Built specifically for adaptability Capizar modules seamlessly get integrated into heterogeneous IT environments using industry standard protocols, protecting existing capital investments. Built in mobility features allow for sms alerts wherever needed. All modules are fully cloud ready allowing for rapid deployment on a distributed and hybrid cloud architecture.