Infotech Consulting Services | Big Data
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Big Data



The digitization of life has created moments of truth where businesses interact with customers in many new  channels. In parallel collaboration and mobility are jointly resulting in new ways of interaction between management and workforce. Businesses are also interacting with smarter aware machines all transmitting data. All these interactions are creating massive sets of multi-structured data. Data is expected to grow ten times between now and 2020. For companies finding the relevant data to empower their businesses remains as frustrating and opaque as ever.


Taming this Big Data results in better, timely decision making and thus a significant competitive advantage. InfoTech works with organizations to create and implement a Big Data strategy with interactive dashboards and reporting based on automated, best in class predictive and real time analytics. Our decades of systems integration experience coupled with our cloud capability ensures that your Big Data strategy is backed by powerful scalable processing architecture. And the right Data Warehousing strategy. Our consulting arm ensures that the connection between Big Data and enablement of better products and services, and acquisition and retention of customers remains sound and governed.