Capizar® - Capital Market Technology

Inspired from the Persian word “Bazaar” and the “Capital” market landscape, InfoTech’s Capizar Suite provides a comprehensive trading, clearing and depository platform to enable Stock Exchanges, Regulatory Authorities and Brokerage Houses to utilize modules seamlessly into one platform or use independent modules according to their specific requirements.

The Suite provides a fully-operational Trading, Clearing & Settlement, Depository, Broker System, Market Surveillance, Compliance Portal and Book Building System. In addition the suite can also provide support for various other asset classes, other exchange interfaces and consistent up-gradation to the upcoming technologies. Today Capizar is successfully deployed and runs “live” in 5 stock exchanges of the emerging markets while 3 installations are being currently being deployed. InfoTech is on track to have 12 “live” stock exchanges across the globe by the end of 2012.

Capizar was included as a nominee in the tough Financial Applications Category of the 11th Annual APICTA (Asia-Pacific ICT Association) Awards held in Pattaya, Thailand on November 13, 2011. After hectic presentations and close competition Capizar was unanimously awarded an Award as recognition for the versatility and innovation as an end-to-end solution for the Capital Markets of the emerging world. This recognition is “sweeter” as competition across large and developed solutions in the region spanning 12 economies includes China, India, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, etc.

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